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  Louise Gray Skin Care has been awarded 'Skin Centre of Excellence' from Dermalogica; recognising outstanding performances.
  We are extremely proud to have achieved this in the past 4 years.

 Our friendly team has vast experience, and we
 continue to be involved in, and receive, the very
 latest training.

 We are members of the
 Association of Beauty Therapists NZ Inc.
 Louise won the industry's coveted
 Best Therapist
award in 2003!

 We have a simple homecare approach and pride
 ourselves on helping you to understand your skin
 and get optimum results.

 We specialise in problem skins.

 We take a wholistic approach and will refer you
 to other professionals, as required.
Louise Gray Skin Care is a fresh approach to skin
care and our therapists know your skin inside and out.

We're therapists because we love what we do; we care about the health of your skin and we know we can make a difference to ANY skin.

In fact Louise Gray Skin Care was born out of an obsession with skin and the desire to treat it right.
Our place as a leader in the professional skincare industry is a true labour of love and we want you to reap the benefits.

Come in and experience a treatment and you'll see it really is about you and your skin.
leading edge skin care for New Zealand
Louise Gray | SKIN CARE