skin care 

  Personalised skin care treatments are customised
  using dermalogica® products and only after a
  detailed consultation.

  Treatments focus on ensuring maximum benefits,
  optimal skin health and complete relaxation.

  the LGSC treatment

  Based on your consultation, we fully customise your
  treatment to include the following:

  - double cleanse
  - face mapping
  - exfoliation
  - manual extraction (as needed)
  - electronic modalities
  - treatment masque
  - pressure point face massage
    (one touch face therapies)

  touch therapies

  Customise your treatment with one of or touch
  therapies, 15 minutes of extra attention where you
  want it most.

  - stress relief - back therapy
  - european - face and shoulders
  - extra skin - face
  - reflex point - feet


  The LGSC treatment                            60 mins - $120

  The LGSC treatment
  + one touch therapy                             75 mins - $150

  The LGSC treatment                                    90+ mins
  + two or more touch therapies                additional $20
                                                      (per touch therapy)


  Your quick fix - get on the spot skin solutions
  aimed at having your skin look its best in
  just 20 minutes.                                    20 mins - $50

  - flash exfoliation - resurface, smooth and brighten
  - hydrating - revitalise dull thirsty skin
  - sensitivity - reduce inflammation and redness
  - age management - firming and vitamin infusion
  - spot and blackhead relief - clear, recover and prevent
  - mens - skin health

[multi-vitamin, age smart, medibac clearing, environmental control, ChromoWhite TRX]


A full range of dermalogica®  
and Jane Iredale make-up available.  

leading edge skin care for New Zealand
Louise Gray | SKIN CARE